One of the most important parts about your car and keeping it performing at its peak levels for much longer is ensuring that the tires are in premier shape. With your tires in the best shape possible you will be able to feel more confident on any adventure as your tires will be prepared to keep contact with the with the road! To get the help you need to keep your tires in the best shape possible in the Gilbert and Mesa area, then it is time to come over to Audi Gilbert in Gilbert, AZ where our prepared to offer you the help you need to keep your tires in the best shape possible.

If you are looking to have help maintaining your tires to keep your car safer, then our dealership's on-site service center is the perfect place to visit! We can make sure your tires will stay in tip-top shape and help you understand how to take care of your tires yourself.

Maintaining Your Tires

To keep your tires in the best shape there are few things you need to take notice of some common signs of wear and tear. These signs can include:

  • Take notice of your tire's built in wear indicators, the narrow strips of smooth rubber which will become more visible as they become worn down
  • You notice the tire chord or the fabric underneath the rubber on the tire
  • Notice visible cracks or cuts that are causing added damage to your tires
  • The tires are bulged or split
  • Punctures, cuts or other damaged pieces that are beyond repair

In addition to the indicators above, another easy test for you to check your tires is the penny test. All you need to do is put a penny in between the tire treads with Lincoln's head down, and if the treads cover the top of the head or even more, then your tires are in good shape! But, if the top of his head is visible then it is time to get new tires. Just schedule your next service appointment and our staff will be ready to help!

For drivers all over the Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, or Chandler, AZ there is no better place for you to visit than Audi Gilbert to have your tires serviced and maintained. Make the drive over today and we and take advantage of our numerous service specials! We hope to see you soon!

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