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You're cruising down the road in your Audi when suddenly the radio cuts out. While this may not be as immediate a problem as something like an overheating engine, it can still be irritating. The audio system can help make your drive even more convenient and enjoyable, and that's what Audi is all about. The good news is that radio problems are relatively easy to troubleshoot, since different problems will produce different symptoms. If this happens to you, look for these four things.

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4. The Sound Quality Suddenly Decreases

A sudden drop in sound quality is generally attributable to a speaker or other physical component of the audio system that has been damaged. This can present itself in a number of ways: the music may pop and crackle (especially when the bass is boosted), or one speaker may stop playing. If the problem is best described as decreased sound quality, you'll want to look at getting speakers repaired or replaced (or upgraded).

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3. The CD/AUX Work, But the Radio Doesn't

If it's just the radio that's giving you trouble, but other ways of listening to your music are fine, then the radio itself has likely lost its ability to receive or process a signal. This is often due to a damaged antenna. While a damaged antenna is more common on older vehicles where they were mounted to the outside of the vehicle, it's still possible to have physical or other damage to a built-in antenna. Another possible cause of this problem is that the tuner inside the radio has gone out.

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2. The Sound Cuts In and Out

If the audio system stops working, then starts, and then begins the cycle anew, there are two potential culprits. The wiring somewhere in the audio system may be loose. As your Audi travels over small bumps in the road, a wire may be knocked loose--only for the next jolt to bump it back into place.

If it's not the wiring, it may be the amplifier, which increases the power that goes to your vehicle's audio system. If the amplifier overheats, it shuts itself off. Once it's cooled down, it will turn back on until it overheats again. A new amplifier is usually needed in this case.

1. The Entire System Stops Working

This one may seem like the most dire of all, but it could actually be the easiest to fix. If the whole audio system shuts down, you're likely looking at a blown fuse. If this is the case, it's simple to replace it. A blown fuse could be benign, or it could signify deeper electrical trouble. If the new fuse fails not long after the first, it's best to have your Audi inspected.

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