Tips For Getting Body Work Repairs On Your Car at Audi Gilbert

When you've been in a collision, there's so much to consider: first comes your health and the health of your passengers, and then comes the worry about how you'll get where you need to go without a vehicle. What's actually going to happen to your vehicle in the meantime is often an afterthought. But, taking your car to the wrong repair center after an accident can create even more problems, and can cost you time and money. Instead, make sure you send your vehicle to the Audi Gilbert service department. It's here that your car will get the very best care, and get fixed right the first time.

Here are five things you ought to know about getting body work done on your Audi after an accident.

If you experienced a fender bender like this one, you have options when it comes to repairs

5. Using Salvage Body Panels

There are basically three ways that an auto body shop can source replacement body panels for your car: Salvage parts, aftermarket parts and OEM parts.

If your car is on the older side, and new parts are no longer being made for the vehicle, we may need to find an undamaged version of that part on another, formerly-running vehicle. While other parts of the vehicle were probably damaged, we can find undamaged body panels and install them on your car. For example, if you need a new front bumper, and we find a junkyard version of your car that was in a rear-end collision, we can install that undamaged front bumper on your car. It'll be good as new! But, as you can tell, sourcing these parts may take some time.

This brand-new bumper is ready to be installed on a vehicle that needs one

4. Using Aftermarket Body Panels

Just because your car isn't being built by Audi anymore doesn't mean there aren't new body parts available for it. If you're driving a particularly popular model of Audi, there may be an aftermarket company building replacement body panels for your car. Since these parts are built brand-new, they may be more desirable than salvage parts that may have some wear-and-tear.

When you visit a franchise auto repair location, this is what you're most likely to get. However, for the utmost in quality and fitment, there's an even better way.

When you've been in an accident, it's smart to have your vehicle towed to the experts at an authorized Audi service center

3. Using Genuine, OEM Body Panels

At Audi Gilbert, we prefer to repair all our vehicles using OEM parts direct from the Audi factory. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Unlike aftermarket parts, which are built by unaffiliated third parties, OEM body panels are exactly identical to the body panels that originally came on your car. Aftermarket parts may not have the ideal fit, finish and quality that you only get from OEM parts.

That's why it's wise to turn to the pros at Audi Gilbert when you need body panel repair. Whenever possible, we'll use OEM parts to restore your Audi to its original quality. If for any reason that's not possible, we'll help you find the best alternatives that fit your budget.

2. There May Be Hidden Damage To Consider As Well

Of course, if your car was in a collision, the body panels may not be the only parts that have been damaged. Chassis, suspension, engine and frame components underneath the sheet metal may have been damaged, and this would compromise the safety and functionality of your car. The alignment probably also needs to be reset. The people you turn to to fix the body will also need to repair and inspect everything underneath it. Don't trust the important safety and structural components of your car to anybody but the authorized Audi experts at Audi Gilbert! Our factory-trained technicians know Audi engineering better than anyone else in the Phoenix area.

1. Why Visit An Authorized Audi Service Center For Audi Body Repairs

When you need auto collision repair, Audi Gilbert has a certified collision center in Autobahn Collision. It's our state-of-the-art facility where we can carry out any repair your vehicle might need, including but not limited to body panel replacement. Our certified technicians and friendly staff will help you navigate the maze of auto insurance claims and repairs. There is simply no better, more convenient way to get back on the road after an auto accident.

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