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When you drive an Audi, there shouldn't be any visible emissions issuing from the tailpipe. If you do notice this, it's likely a sign that the engine needs attention. While it's best to bring your Audi in for a service appointment as soon as possible, you can also do a little detective work. Below, we list the smoke colors you're likely to see, as well as what they mean. If you have other questions about your Audi, check out our other service articles.

Before you get too worried, make sure that the emissions coming from the tailpipe are smoke and not steam

4. Is It Really Smoke?

"Smoke" is a term that is commonly used for all kinds of visible tailpipe emissions, but is it really smoke that you're seeing? At times, what looks like white smoke is actually steam. This is more common if you've parked your car outside overnight, as condensation builds up in the tailpipe. When the tailpipe heats up, this condensation will turn into steam.

It's generally easy to tell if this is the case. If it's steam, it will usually clear away by the time your engine is warmed up. If the engine has reached operating temperature and you still see emissions, it's likely due to one of the problems listed below.

Smoke that is grey in color could be due to a bad head gasket

3. What Does White or Grey Smoke Coming from the Tailpipe Mean?

Billowing clouds of white or grey smoke often mean that a head gasket is leaking or has failed entirely. A failed or leaky head gasket can cause coolant and oil not only to mix, but also to get into the combustion chamber, which creates the smoke. Since a failed head gasket can cause massive damage to the engine, it's best to immediately turn off your Audi and have it towed to an authorized service center.

2. What About Blue Smoke from the Car's Tailpipe?

At first glance, blue smoke may appear similar to grey smoke. But if you notice a bluish tint, it may be caused by something other than head gasket failure. Most likely, it means that the engine is burning too much oil. This could be due to a variety of causes, including worn engine components like the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valves or piston rings.

Black smoke from the tailpipe can indicate a rich fuel-air ratio

1. What Does Black Smoke from the Tailpipe Mean?

If the smoke coming from your tailpipe is black and foul-smelling, the most likely culprit is a rich fuel-to-air ratio in the engine. This means that there's too much fuel and not enough air being injected. An engine that's running rich enough to produce black smoke is in danger of being seriously damaged, and should therefore be turned off immediately. When you bring your Audi in for service, our technicians will start by checking the air filter, the fuel injectors, and the fuel pressure regulator; these are all common causes for a rich fuel-air mixture.

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